Dept. Head: Judy Kuzminski

Hours of Operation: 8:00AM – 4:30PM

Location: 333 Hickory St, Warren, PA 16365

Mailing Address: PO Box 217, Warren, PA 16365

Phone: (814) 728-3540


Services Domestic Relations provides are as follows:

  • Establishment and Enforcement of Child Support Orders
  • Modification of Support Orders
  • Paternity Establishment Services
  • Parent Locator Services
  • Medical Support Establishment and Enforcement

Julie Finch

Enforcement Officer: A - Le

(814) 728-3550


Linda Confer

Enforcement Officer: Li - Z

(814) 728-3543

Schedule of Fees

Complaint for Support: $70.25
Modification Petition Fee: $25.00
Appeal/Exceptions Fee: $25.00


  • Where can I file for support services?
    • You have the option of either filing online at the PA Child Support website or make an appointment with one of our caseworkers
  • Is it possible to get an estimation of how much I will be obligated to pay for support?
    • Yes, you can go to the child support obligation estimator that is provided by the Pennsylvania department of Human Services. DISCLAIMER: This is only an estimation, many factors are taken into figuring the actual support amount.
  • How can I change the amount that I’m paying/receiving?
    • You can file a modification petition. This allows a review to be performed on your case potentially lowering OR increasing the support obligation. Financial information such as current year tax return, paystubs and W-2’s are required to modify the order.
  • How much is it to file for support?
    • $70.25
  • How much is it to modify an order?
    • $25.00