WARREN, Pennsylvania – Director of Tax Claim Bureau Phil Gilbert and County Commissioners have established a plan to distribute unaccounted funds and subsequently close obsolete accounts.

Due to stagnant fund distribution, Commissioners appointed Mr. Gilbert to research unaccounted for funds from previous Tax Sales and propose a distribution plan. After extensive and successful research, Mr. Gilbert concluded that the distribution can be split into three categories, spanning all the way back to 2007.

The first set of undistributed funds came from either Upset Tax Sale or Judicial Tax Sale within the years 2007-2011. The funds came to a total of $133,068.93 and will be disbursed immediately among the 27 municipalities, the Warren Area School District, and the County.

Director Gilbert also discovered excess funds of $81,041.92 from 2012 due to an Upset Tax Sale, a Judicial Tax Sale, and a Continued Upset Tax Sale. Since these tax sales were never previously researched and taken care of, Mr. Gilbert and the Commissioners have decided to hold the funds throughout the duration of 2017, while they try to contact the parties of interest that are due these funds. Any contact with parties will be documented, and the remainder of the funds will be distributed in January of 2018.

The last set of distribution dollars came from unidentified funds and includes $39,267.36. This amount will also be divided among the three taxing districts in which the County will receive approximately $9,617.1, the Warren Area School District about $26,036.29, and $3,613.77 will go to the municipalities.

As of now, Commissioners are working diligently with Mr. Gilbert to distribute funds to the taxing districts in order to close these obsolete accounts. The final distribution is set to take place at the beginning of 2019, and all unnecessary accounts should be closed shortly thereafter.

Any questions about this project can be directed to Phil Gilbert, Director of the Tax Claim Bureau, by phone at 814-728-3415 or by email at pgilbert@warren-county.net.