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June 5, 2017                                                               

Pitt Brad Graduate Delivers Research on Net Migration

WARREN, Pennsylvania –Alyssa Gregg, recent graduate of Pitt Bradford and lifelong resident of Kane, PA, attended the Commissioners’ Work Session on Monday, May 22 to present her research on the determinants of net migration for counties in Pennsylvania.

In the fall of 2016, Gregg was asked by Commissioner Kafferlin to use her economics background to research why residents of Warren County might be migrating elsewhere. Gregg took hold of the opportunity, and used it to complete her capstone assignment for her schooling, as well.

Extensive research, data collection, and analysis was done by Gregg to obtain her own results. She presented the Commissioners with a two part study that included variables from Pennsylvania DCED data, as well as nation-wide models which she fit to the state-county. She then provided research from County Health Rankings and Roadmaps to take into account variables that included crime statistics, level of education, and commute time. Gregg made a successful effort to incorporate several potential drivers to population migration, including cost of living, county tax burden, maximum temperature in January, and many other variables.

In her findings, Gregg discovered that there are several factors that strongly correlate to population migration within Pennsylvania. The top four factors included median household income, spending per pupil, number of violent crimes, and commute time.

The Commissioners will now use some of Gregg’s research to begin delving further into the problem of decreasing population in Warren County in a more data-driven manner.

The Commissioners and Gregg were in agreement that there is still plenty of work and research that can be done. Gregg plans to address additional variables in future research as she works to pursue her Master’s degree.

The Commissioners extend their thanks to Alyssa for her hard work. Her research has given the County the opportunity to gain insight and better comprehend the issue of its declining population. With further studies on net migration, the County can continue to work on implementing solutions that will improve Warren County as a whole.