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June 14, 2017                                                                            

Commissioner and Public Safety Director Testify on Inoperability

HARRISBURG – On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, Warren County Commissioner Ben Kafferlin and Public Safety Director Todd Lake traveled to Harrisburg to testify at the Joint Hearing on the Statewide Radio System.

The Commissioner and Director stood before the Senate to give their expert perspective on inoperability within the radio systems of Warren County. Both Kafferlin and Lake advocated for inoperability within the county as they explained the many benefits that would follow if a system were to be implemented.

Warren County currently operates under three different radio bands; one for municipal police agencies, one for local fire departments, and a third for EMS agencies. The system is not inoperable, meaning that these agencies can only communicate within their own system and not with other agencies and regions.

Given its unique rural environment, Warren County would especially benefit from a radio system that is inoperable. Agencies that previously couldn’t communicate via radio could easily talk with each other, allowing for consistency and alignment within these response agencies.

During the hearing, Commissioner Kafferlin urged that, “A common inoperable group of channels provided by this project could increase the efficiency, accuracy of communication, and ultimately the safety of our responders.”

After Commissioner Kafferlin introduced the county’s perspective, Director Lake provided insight about the Northern Tier 911 County Consortium Group. He explained that the group has been successful thus far, becoming more cost efficient through the process of inter-county cooperation. For this reason, inoperability within Warren County could make a positive impact as well.