Northwest Pennsylvania Regional Broadband Initiative

WHO is involved?
The Northwest Pennsylvania Regional Broadband Committee is comprised of local community leaders from various sectors with a common mission of enhancing and expanding high speed internet access, adoption and use throughout our eight-county area for the benefit of local residents and businesses. To that end, the Committee has partnered with Connected Nation and their “Connected Community” program to assess the present state of broadband in Northwest Pennsylvania and establish an initial broadband plan to address our current and future needs.

WHAT is being done?
To perform an assessment of our current broadband environment, the Committee will be conducting surveys of local residents, businesses and other organizations across the eight-county region. Responses to these surveys will help us better understand the existing resources and capabilities we now have to support the access and use of broadband technology in our homes and businesses. After a structured evaluation of this assessment, we’ll develop specific action plans to improve our broadband environment most effectively.

WHEN will this take place?
Our Community Broadband Assessment and related surveys will be launched in June and continue into the August timeframe. Results from this work will be shared with the public later this summer, followed by additional work to develop and begin implementation of an Action Plan to address identified needs.

HOW can you help?
Your participation in the appropriate broadband survey and overall support of our efforts are very important in developing an accurate assessment of broadband availability and related needs in Northwest Pennsylvania. To take the survey as a resident, a business owner or a designated representative of another organization, please go to and select the appropriate option.
And please share this information with your peers and encourage others to take our survey!For more information or questions please contact Meghan Keely at 814.677.4800 x112.