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Create Date September 16, 2016
Last Updated January 24, 2017

Resolution #3074

Farm Colony Property Utilization Resolution

WHEREAS; property designated as TAX PARCEL WN-005-1519, commonly known as Farm Colony, is owned by Warren County; and

WHEREAS; the Warren County Commissioners have authority over the use of Tax Parcel WN-005-1519; and

WHEREAS; Shults Auto Group desires to expand their operations in Warren County through construction of a new dealership facility on property designated as TAX PARCEL WN-005-183730 located on the west side of State Route 62 approximately ½ mile south of Farm Colony; and

WHEREAS; the property to be developed by Shults Auto Group exhibits approximately 1 acre of wetland characteristics which require remediation prior to commencement of construction activities; and

WHEREAS; creation of wetlands on property situated within the Conewango Creek watershed in equal proportion to that being disturbed by construction activities is authorized with approval of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Warren County Conservation District; and

WHEREAS; that portion of Farm Colony identified as Area A on Attachment 1 hereto exhibits the ability to support newly created wetland area of sufficient size and characteristic to fulfill the requirements of environmental control regulation’s; and

WHEREAS; Shults Auto Group acknowledges responsibility for all costs associated with the assessment, construction and monitoring of all actions and activities associated with Farm Colony; and

WHEREAS; the Warren County Commissioners recognize that authorization of the creation of wetlands within Area A of Attachment 1 will obligate this portion of Farm Colony to be managed as Wetlands, thus disallowing any other construction activities to occur within this Area A in the future; and

WHEREAS; the Warren County Commissioners wish to support the business development initiatives of Shults Auto Group by authorizing the use of Area A of Farm Colony as wetlands.

THEREFORE, we the Commissioners of Warren County do hereby resolve and authorize Shults Auto Group to utilize Area A of Farm Colony for the purposes of creating wetlands as defined and required by applicable environmental control documents and that these wetlands shall be duly recognized and protected.

ADOPTED this 24th day of August, 2016.


Cindy Morrison


Benjamin Kafferlin

Attest:                                                                   Vice Chair

Pamela J. Matve                                                  Jeff Eggleston

Chief Clerk                                                           Secretary