Assessment Database Now Online

Warren County’s Assessment Data is now online. You may search for properties using an address, owner’s name, and a variety of other methods and codes. The data is available free of charge as a public service to the community.


Chief Assessor:  Karen A. Beardsley, C.P.E.

Assistant Chief Assessor:  Brian A. Bull, C.P.E.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Warren County Courthouse – Basement Level
204 Fourth Avenue, Warren, Pa. 16365
Phone:  (814) 728-3420

The Warren County Assessment Office is primarily responsible for the valuation of real property for ad valorem (at value) tax purposes, including the management of all property characteristics and ownership records.  This office does not establish the real estate tax levy; it is responsible for the valuation (commonly known as the assessment) of all real property in Warren County.

Based on those assessments, the County, municipalities, and school districts establish budgets and necessary millage rates to generate revenue, apply those millage rates to individual property assessments, thereby producing individual property tax levies.

The Assessment Office also administers the Homestead and Farmstead Program (Act 50 & Act 1), the Clean and Green Preferential Assessment Program (Act 319) , creates and maintains all mapping including GIS (geographical information system) mapping and creates and maintains all addressing for the E911 numbering system for new construction.

The office is further responsible for the production of tax duplicates, resulting in the preparation and delivery of County and municipal real estate tax notices for the 21 townships, 5 boroughs and 9 city wards in Warren County.

The County’s last reassessment was completed in 1989.  The real estate assessments represent 50% of 1989 market values.

Downloadable Forms:

Title Download
Uniform Parcel Identifier Implementation
  1 files      316 downloads
2016 Millages Levied on Real Estate for Warren County
  1 files      616 downloads
Clean and Green Valuation Application
  1 files      92 downloads
Act 319 Questions and Answers (Clean and Green)
  1 files      77 downloads
Notification of Conveyance for Properties Enrolled Under the Pennsylvania Farmland and Forest Land Assessment Act of 1974
  1 files      59 downloads
Municipal Tax Collectors
  1 files      279 downloads
Municipal Secretaries
  1 files      103 downloads
Property Tax Relief Application for Homestead and Farmstead Exclusions
  1 files      155 downloads
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Realty Transfer Tax – Common Level Ratio (CLR) Real Estate Valuation Factors for Warren County
  1 files      153 downloads
Warren County Assessment Appeal Form
  1 files      138 downloads
Warren County Fee Schedule
  1 files      337 downloads
Appeals Rules & Regulations
  1 files      97 downloads

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